What is spaying or neutering?

Spaying is the removal of the reproductive organs of a female cat or dog to prevent it from being able to reproduce. Neutering also prevents reproduction by removing the testicles of male cats or dogs. In both cases, the procedure is performed under anesthetic so your animal will not feel pain.

Why should I spay or neuter my pet?

There are a number of reasons that you should spay or neuter your pets. First, it can help to reduce the animal population preventing the number of animals that are homeless. There are many animals currently in shelters that need adopting, reducing the need for breeding.

Another reason to consider it is to improve the health of your pet. Spayed and neutered pets often live longer than those who aren’t, and they will not be prone to reproductive cancers.

A final benefit of spaying or neutering your pet is that it may curb their bad behavior. Pets that are not fixed will roam more, tend to be more aggressive, may mark furniture or carpets, and tend to bark more.

Spay and Neuter in Broomfield CO

What to Expect

When should I spay or neuter my pet?
It is recommended that you have your pet spayed or neutered around six months of age.

What happens before, during, and after the procedure?
It is recommended to have blood work completed to check the blood cell count and organ function, so they will be less likely to face unexpected consequences from the surgery or anesthetic.

Before the procedure begins, your pet will be given anesthetic, either general or local. You can also opt for the less invasive laser surgical procedure if you choose to.

After the procedure, your pet may be given an e-collar to prevent them from licking or chewing their incision and prevent infection if necessary.

Contact Broadlands Veterinary Clinic in Broomfield CO to schedule your pet’s spay or neuter appointment. Our caring veterinary staff will walk you through the ins and outs of the procedure and provide your pet with any necessary presurgical testing.